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Prior To becoming an Orlando Real Estate Professional, I remember looking for a home to buy or sell on my own. I didn’t know where to start and that was a critical time when I needed someone who I could trust. A Central Florida Realtor who could guide me through the process.

I didn’t know how any of the transaction was going to work. Would I lose Money? Would I make as much as I expected to make? Would my agent be truthful with me?, what fees do I pay?, How does this all work?. The anxiety level was quite high and that is something I keep in mind when meeting new buyers or sellers.

I always like to put myself in YOUR shoes and I work from there. Working for a Top Real Estate Company like Century 21 Professional Group.

My Goal is to make you as comfortable as possible during the entire transaction.

My job is to guide you effortlessly throughout the process. If you are buying or selling Orlando Real Estate, remember having a great Top Agent is Key, and knowing you can trust your REALTOR is priceless. Not Only do I help Sellers and Buyers with Orlando Real Estate, I strive to go above and beyond expectations because it’s not just a transaction it’s a future friendship for years to come.

ANDY ANDERSON- Licensed REALTOR. Home Specialist.

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It’s all about the lender!

Picking a good reliable lender is extremely important when buying a home. There are many options when choosing a lender and you should choose wisely.

Many buyers do not realize that not all lenders operate the same. While you may be very loyal to your local Mega Bank, they may not be the wisest choice when buying a home. Choosing a lender who does their own underwriting can be great for you because they will personally underwrite your loan and many times can get you to closing effortlessly, while other larger banks may send your files out to a third party for underwriting.

Ultimately the process will be faster the more prepared you are with your statements, financial information and documents that will requested during the process. As a REALTOR, I have used many good lenders in Orlando, One of them being http://www elementfunding.com/scarlton .  Susie is very knowledgeable in current loan programs that are available and will work hard to get you Pre Approved and Close your loan on time!, For more information on what you need to know to qualify call Andy Anderson at 407-625-1675 Today!.

What is the role of a title company?

A title company’s role is to makes sure that the title to a piece of real estate is legitimate and then issues title insurance for that property. Title insurance protects the lender and/or owner against lawsuits and or claims against the property. They also can hold your escrow money when you buy a home including all of the money need to close the loan.

At Closing, the Closing “Agent” will give you all of the needed documentation you will need to close the loan.  Additionally, the Title Company researches the property and determines the Title is Valid and that their are no liens against the property through a “Title Search” they make sure the current owner of the property is the legal and actual owner. They also look for outstanding mortgages, liens and judgments. Once they determine the property to be valid, they will issue a “Title Insurance Policy” on the property to protect lenders and owners buying the property. Picking a great Title Company is also key. I have used http://www.networkclosing.com/company-main/overview many times in my transactions and have been very pleased.

For more information on what you need to know on Title Companies contact Andy Anderson.